Posted by Kelly Reisling


The over-tweezed brow trend is over! And you want to grow those babies back! Yet, for some women it’s a challenge to get back those thick, youthful brows of yesteryear.

Here’s 5 amazing tips to beautiful, bold brows made easy!

For decades, the over-plucked brow was all the rage. Thin, arched, and highly defined was the look seen on the pages of fashion magazines, on the red carpet, and in movies & television. It’s this odd standard that forced women to treat their brows in a very specific way by having them “done” within an inch of their lives. Odder still by the fact that these thin brows tend to make us look older!

It’s time to take back our thick and lush brows people! Bountiful brows can reshape and take years off the face, enhancing bone structure and cheekbones. It’s a fact – bolder, thicker brows help to frame our faces and make us look younger!

If you have problem of brows due to years of plucking and waxing, follow these 5 easy tips to improve the look of your brows by making them lush and full again.

Tip #5: Step Away From The Tweezers

This may seem like the most common sense tip and it actually is, But if you want to grow your brows back to their fullest, you must step away from the tweezers. We’re not kidding here, put down those Tweezermans and leave those brows alone for about 8 weeks or more if you can stand it. Then you can assess where your brow growth levels are truly at. This also includes not getting your brows done by a professional in that time. If you want to tweeze or pluck in the middle for unruly growth, that’s fine, but don’t touch the natural brow line at all whatsoever. Just don’t do it.

Tip #4: Look At Your Diet

For proper hair growth on your head and even down to your brows and lashes, you need to have a whole foods diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. This alone is very important for physical health as well as getting all the nutrients you need for healthy brow growth especially. One of the first signs of malnutrition or extreme dieting is hair loss. That includes the hairs in your brows. You don’t want to skimp on nutrients!. Try to include lots of green veggies, fruits, and antioxidant rich foods that have Omega-3 fatty acids in them. Good hair-growth promoting snacks include,a handful of walnuts, half an avocado on whole grain bread, anti-oxidant tich blueberries. All of these when eaten on a regular basis will promote good nutrition, which in turn can lead to better brow growth.

Tip #3: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This can’t be stated enough. You body needs proper hydration to function fully. Getting enough H20 everyday can help all the parts of your system function better for you. That includes healthy brow growth.

Tip #2: Practice Facial Massage

You may have not thought to do this before, but you can easily practice facial massage to stimulate growth. Any boost in circulation is going to help your follicles grow better, including your brow line. This is very easy to do on your own face. Just light pressure in little circles all around the forehead, cheek, and chin area. The best time to do this is with your night cream at night. Apply a little extra and spend some time truly massaging it in.

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