Posted by Lucy P


Now that vegaLASH has been available for a few months we’re checking in with some bloggers to get their takes. Watch the video above or continue reading to learn how vegaLASH can work to give you fuller, thicker lashes (faster) too!

"My favorite way to make my eyelashes thicker is using vegaLASH."

"This is the eyelash serum I put on twice a day, and it makes my eyelashes so much fuller and thicker."

"I really like this because I have really sensitive eyes, and it's made my eyelashes so much thicker without making my eyes irritated, and I found that a lot of eyelash serums do that."

- Cora LovesGlam

"And ever since I've been using it, it's phenomenal. I love the serum, especially the fact that it's vegan and it's natural, I think that's great."

- BeautyByCassie93

How It Works

Lashes grow in 3 repeating phases. The Dormant Phase allows the follicles to rest and repair before returning to the Growth Phase. Each hair follicle is triggered to move from the Dormant Phase back into the Growth Phase via important signals from the Dermal Papilla. Aging, pollution, use of makeup removers, adhesives, and other synthetic chemicals applied to your lashes and brows can cause growth signals to weaken over time. The result is your follicles have a much shorter growing phase, and remain dormant for longer periods of time. And eventually they become inactive. At vegaLASH, we've combined powerful bioactives that naturally improve the signals from the dermal papilla to your lash and brow follicles. The result: thicker, fuller lashes and brows.

"It has made such a difference, I absolutely love it. As you can see, it's really simple to use, I use the brush like a liquid eyeliner and just brush it on your eyelashes."

- Paris Boswell

"My eyelashes were the number one complemented thing of my life. When people see my lashes, naturally, they think I'm always wearing falsies."

"I really do like this serum, it doesn't sting my eyes. It doesn't leave any discoloration, it is all-natural, it is vegan, and cruelty-free. If you're somebody that is only into cruelty-free and vegan makeup, this is right up your alley."

- MariaaGloriaa

"So you'll see results in a little over two weeks when your new lashes grow out."

- Sarah Kim

"You can definitely tell the difference in my eyelashes. I barely had any. I don't know if you guys can tell, but they are fuller. They look really good."

- Rachel Marie