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"Eyebrows are arguably one of the most important features on our faces. One small change in the shape or even the height of the arch can drastically transform the way you look. That's why many of us spend part of our mornings filling in the tails or drawing on hair-like strokes on the inner corners. We've even tested out more permanent techniques like eyebrow pencils and microblading. But investing in an eyebrow serum could help you put your eyebrow stencils, powders, and falsies to rest for good. You won't see results overnight, but—with any good thing—it's going to take time. And consistency is key."

This serum will change your brow game

It’s time to clear out your makeup collection as from now on you only need one brow product to achieve fuller and thicker looking brows. The vegaBROW Volumizing Serum is a daily serum which leaves you with stronger and bolder brows in just two weeks. Gone are the days of carefully filling in your brows with copious products, you can now enjoy hassle-free and low-maintenance natural brows.

How does vegaBROW work?

vegaBROW contains a blend of active photomolecules which restores the communication channels to the hair follicles so it can send important growth signals. These signals ensure the hairs have a longer time to grow and volumize for a fuller and thicker appearance. vegaBROW also contains biotin and zinc which are known nutrients for encouraging hair growth. There are many benefits to vegaBROW which place it above other brow serums, such as:

  • 100% Vegan
    • vegaBROW is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of thicker and fuller brows whilst staying guilt-free.
  • Hormone-free Ingredients
    • Many brow conditioners and serums contain dangerous hormones to encourage hair growth. Lots of these hormone-based serums have unknown side effects and can cause reactions for those with sensitive skin. Other non-hormone brow serums use peptides instead, however, these have disappointing results with barely any change over a two week period.
  • Fast and permanent results
    • When used daily, vegaBROW is clinically proven to thicken eyebrows within just two weeks, so you can enjoy the results quickly. Unlike brow products which are going to fade throughout the day, vegaBROW delivers permanent results, your nourished and healthy brows won’t be going anywhere!

“Get brows that wow – vegaBROW will help bulk up those brows quicker!”