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There isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t dream of longer, thicker and healthier eyelashes. Your lashes make a huge difference to your overall look, and longer lashes can give the illusion of bigger and more awake eyes, so even on sleep-deprived days you can still look put together. Whether you’re after a Twiggy-esque sixties look or a more natural style, extensions or falsies are the obvious choices to improving your lashes appearance.

However, sadly not everything is as perfect as it seems. There are downsides to both eyelash extensions and falsies and they can end up being incredibly damaging to your natural lashes. Keeping your lashes strong and healthy underneath is the key to making the most of your extensions and falsies so you can enjoy the look for longer.

Discover why vegaLASH Volumizing Serum is a must-have in your beauty bag for protecting and repairing lashes, and why you particularly need it if you have lash extensions.

How Lash Extensions Can Damage Your Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a good solution if you want longer and thicker looking lashes, especially if you don’t have that much to work with naturally. They’re semi-permanent, lasting up to eight weeks, and you get instant results so it’s not surprising that they’re so popular.  

Lash extensions are glued onto your natural lashes and grow out with them, falling out when they do. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but whatever you choose your lashes will always come away looking longer, thicker and fuller.

Lash extensions sound a little too good to be true, right? Well, sadly that’s correct and there are some definite downsides to be aware of before choosing extensions.


The adhesive that glues the extensions to your natural lashes can be an irritant especially to those with sensitive eyes. If you experience any stinging or burning during application be sure to tell your beautician to stop as you may be allergic or sensitive to the glue.


If you’re there thinking you can have eyelash extensions and then not worry about them for several months, then you’ll be wrong. Your lashes might begin to shed prematurely which requires a top-up appointment, this can be both time-consuming and expensive. You also have to avoid any oil-based cleansers and be sure to say goodbye to mascaras as you will have to ditch those too.


Lash extensions aren’t the cheapest option especially if you need regular top up appointments to keep them looking fresh. It’s also really important you choose where you go carefully, as a non-professional can do a lot of damage.

Prone to lash loss

If you have lash extensions, your natural lashes may suffer. Touching or picking at your lashes will cause not only your extensions to fall out but your natural lashes to come out too. Wearing mascara and using makeup remover can also make your extensions fall out easier, bringing your natural lashes with them. Heavier extensions can cause your natural lashes to weaken overtime and fall out prematurely.

Falsies aren’t as great as they seem either

False eyelashes are often favored over eyelash extensions because you can quickly and easily enhance your eye look from the comfort of your own home. They don’t come with the same commitment issues as extensions as you can create different looks for varying occasions, and whilst they take a little practice, you don’t need to be an expert to apply them.

However, false eyelashes can also have adverse effects and make your lashes weaker and prone to falling out.

Eye infections

If you love the look of your falsies you may be tempted to wear them a day extra than recommended or may even accidentally have a snooze in them. Well, this is bad news as they’re a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause eye infections. Cleaning up the glue properly is key to avoiding any infections and never share your glue as many eye infections are contagious.


Both the adhesive and the eyelashes themselves can contain chemicals which may cause allergic reactions, especially amongst those who have sensitive eyes. If you notice burning, redness or swelling be sure to remove the falsies.

Prone to lash loss

If you don’t apply and remove your falsies properly, you may end up pulling out some of your natural lashes by accident. When you’re applying your lashes, make sure you don’t get the glue onto your natural lashes and when you remove them use a waterproof remover to dissolve the glue, then remove them gently to avoid pulling out natural lashes.

A must-have for healthier lashes

Whether you’re wearing extensions, have applied falsies or just want to enhance your natural lashes, using lash serum can help to repair and nourish your lashes for a stronger and fuller appearance.

vegaLASH Volumizing Serum is a serum which has been clinically tested to produce thicker, fuller and healthier lashes. It uses a combination of bio-active phytomolecules to send growth signals to your lash follicles which means denser and longer-looking lashes with quick results.

vegaLASH nourishes lashes and repairs any damage caused by adhesives and chemicals from lash extensions and provides a stronger base for the extensions and falsies to attach to. With a stronger lash base your falsies and extensions will be better supported so you will have longer and better results from them.

Unlike other lash serums on the market, vegaLASH doesn’t contain harmful hormones, carcinogens, irritants and won’t discolor your eyes or eyelids. vegaLASH is 100% vegan and uses natural ingredients to ensure lashes stay strong and healthy in an authentic and natural way.

vegaLASH to the rescue!

vegaLASH nourishes lashes damaged by adhesives and chemicals from lash extensions and provides a stronger base for the extensions and falsies to attach to. With a stronger lash base your falsies and extensions will be better supported so you will have longer and better results from them.

An obvious choice

Don’t hide your head in the sand and avoid the damage you’re doing to your natural lashes. A daily application of vegaLASH will help ensure your lashes stay strong and healthy, and you may even love the results enough to give up those damaging extensions completely!