Posted by Lucy P


We’d all love long, beautiful lashes that make us look like an Instagram celebrity or model from the pages of some fancy magazine, and time after time the latest mascara with its claims that it can plump and extend your lashes to within an inch of their lives aren’t quite true, so we resort to more extreme measures.

Well, we’re here to share a little secret with you.

If up to now you’ve settled for less than perfect by wearing falsies or lash extensions, there is a product that will not only give you lashes you’ve only dreamed of up to now, it does it with no fakery. No tricks.

The lashes will be your own lashes, and they’ll be fuller, thicker, and healthier than they’ve ever been before, all with the help of a product that is natural, 100% vegan, and free of toxic ingredients that could potentially damage not only your own natural lashes but your health.

The dark underbelly of lash extensions

Lash extensions are different from falsies—whereas falsies are temporary small strips or clusters of fake lashes that you apply to your skin at the base of your actual lashes, lash extensions are single fibers that are glued right onto your lashes, and they last anywhere from four to six weeks.

Sounds good so far! Who doesn’t want gorgeous lashes without having to curl them and apply mascara first?

However, once you hear the long list of complaints from people who have had bad experiences with lash extensions—and no, we’re not talking about how much they cost, though they are very expensive! –you may just be put off them forever.

Neither are we talking about the inevitable spider lashes you end up with as your lash extensions get old, though that alone would be enough to put anyone off getting extensions!

No, we’re talking about complaints such as the following:

  • I got a bad case of conjunctivitis from my lash extensions
  • One of the lashes became embedded in my eyeball
  • My eyes were glued shut after getting extensions and I ended up in the ER
  • My natural lashes started to fall out

The horror stories go on and on, and they are backed up by actress Kristin Chenoweth, who showed up to her interview on David Letterman’s Late Show a few years ago wearing sunglasses. She explained that she had to as her eyelash extensions had left her so swollen that she looked like she had “lips on her eyelids”.

It turns out Chenoweth was allergic to a chemical in the lash glue called formaldehyde (yeah, the same stuff they use to embalm dead bodies… *shudder*), and she is not alone. It’s not uncommon to have a reaction to formaldehyde, and even if you are lucky enough to escape this, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that you shouldn’t be letting anywhere near your face.

Bottom line: the product you are using is potentially more than a little bit harmful.

And, ironically, it could leave you with less lashes than you had in the first place.

Lash extensions are heavy. If you keep having them applied, they will weigh down your natural lashes, which could eventually weaken and fall out permanently. It’s a cycle of destruction—the more you use lash extensions to get fuller lashes, the more you lose your own lashes.

Falsies are faux friends

To be fair to falsies, they aren’t nearly as damaging or potentially life-altering as lash extensions, but, let’s be honest…they only ever look like their name suggests:


Sure, they might work well for a big night out when you want to embrace drag queen-esque chic, but for everyday use they look, well…wrong.

And they are not kind to your real lashes, either—not at all. The glue you use to apply falsies creates a tension that means your natural lashes can easily be pulled out when you remove them.

On top of this, the glue can cause irritation to the eyelid, especially if the falsies are not properly removed. It’s advised they NEVER be slept in, but how many of us remember this after a night out when all we want to do is go to bed?

A lot of the time, any irritation will pass, but any natural lashes that get pulled out could end up creating permanent gaps in your eyelashes.

We just don’t think it’s worth taking the chance.

Enter vegaLASH!

So, here it is, the secret to long, beautiful lashes that will make you the envy of your friends in the most natural, animal-friendly way possible.

vegaLASH is a clinically-tested, volumizing serum that thickens lashes, while at the same time fortifying and nourishing them to create beautiful lashes that are 100% your own.

All this is achieved with a patent-pending combination of bio-active phytomolecules that naturally open up and restore the communication channels between your dermal papilla and your lash follicles.

With these channels open, the dermal papilla can send important growth signals to the lash follicles. The longer your lash follicles receive these signals, the more time they have to grow and volumize. The more active follicles you have, the denser your eye lashes become.

The result? Lashes from your dreams, ones with greater density that are thicker and more luscious looking than ever before!

And all this from a formula that is 100% vegan, natural, hormone-free, latex-free, and hypoallergenic.

With vegaLASH, you don’t need to fake the look of healthy, long lashes, because you’ll HAVE healthy long lashes.

You can still wear mascara over the top if you like, but you may not want to once you see how voluminous, nourished, and gorgeous your real lashes are.

Everyone wants to feel naturally beautiful, and with vegaLASH, you can.