Posted by Andrea Spanik


As women, we all want to put our best selves forward, right? We want to look young, fresh, and naturally vibrant, sometimes at the expense of our own health. We’ll use peels, chemicals, and whatever ingredients necessary to hold onto that fountain of youth. We value radiant complexions, full lips, poreless faces, and of course, wide, bright eyes.

In order to achieve those youthful windows to the soul, we’ll often whip out a trusty tube of mascara. Because yes, we have all the faith in those little tubes of mascara magic. For most of us, mascara always seems like the most obvious solution for better lashes. And yet, we go through tube after tube, disappointment after disappointment. Our lashes remain thin, short, and sparse, and we start to wonder: will I ever find that holy grail mascara that gives me the lashes I want?  

Well, it’s time for me to give you a little hope.

In a beauty industry that is obsessed with achieving the best results in the fastest amount of time, no matter what the cost, I want to introduce you to a product I recently discovered called vegaLASH.

vegaLASH is an eyelash serum that is clinically proven to help produce longer, fuller, thicker lashes. Naturally.  

Yes, you read that correctly. By simply applying this serum to your lashes, you’ll be actively helping to assist your lashes in growing longer, thicker, and fuller. This is not simply a mascara that will make your eyelashes look better when you’re wearing makeup. No, this is a product that will actually improve the natural state of your lashes, even when you’re makeup-free. Whether you wear vegaLASH with or without your regular mascara, every time you apply this serum, it works hard to condition your lashes into growing into their most beautiful and natural state: long, thick, and full.

Best part? With vegaLASH, you won’t have to continually pay for harmful eyelash extensions. And as mentioned, you most definitely won’t have to apply coat after coat of mascara that just never seems to live up to your expectations. With vegaLASH, you’ll simply swipe a little of the serum onto your lashes, and let it do the work for you, at less than $1 per day. Point being, this is not just your average mascara you pick up at your local drugstore. This is a premium eyelash serum that works as a beauty treatment to improve upon your natural beauty.

You might be wondering, though: what is this serum composed of? What makes this serum different than any other lash product I’ve tried? Where does the natural process come in?

I’m glad you asked.

Unlike other eyelash serums you might find on the market, vegaLASH contains no hormones or carcinogens. The serum is composed of a unique blend of bio-active phytomolecules that naturally work to enhance your lashes. Essentially, these phytomolecules open up communication channels between your dermal papilla and your lash follicles, which allows for growth signals to be sent to your lash follicles. If you’d like to get a better understanding of how exactly this process works, take a look at this video...

It’s important to recognize that this process is something your body naturally does on its own. The purpose of the vegaLASH serum is to restore and revitalize this natural communication process. Think of it like taking a vitamin, but a vitamin for your lashes. Hello rapid eyelash growth.

And yes, I mean rapid. In as little as 2 weeks of use, you’ll see the results that a simple swipe of serum twice a day can have on your eyelashes. The most amazing part: you’ll see the results without the harmful effects that other lash treatments cause.

If you’re unaware of some of the most harmful effects of other lash products, let me quickly summarize what vegaLASH won’t do:

  • vegaLASH contains no harmful adhesives that enter your bloodstream
  • vegaLASH will not cause you to lose any of your natural lashes
  • vegaLASH will not produce any irritation, stinging, or burning to your eyes or eyelids
  • vegaLASH contains no harmful hormones or carcinogens

Having to endure any of those symptoms when using a lash product seems less than ideal, but perhaps you’re still feeling that as much as you wish you could incorporate a natural product into your beauty routine, in your experience, natural products just don’t work as effectively as their counterparts. Perhaps you’ve even tried a natural product that just did not produce the results you were promised. This a legitimate concern to have, as not all products are created equal, but when it comes to vegaLASH, I want to let you in on a little secret…

vegaLASH is not only proven to be as effective as other lash serums, it’s actually proven to be more effective. And hey, did I mention vegaLASH is also vegan and cruelty free? Because yes, vegaLASH cares not only about giving us the highest quality, effective eyelash serum available, but they also care about doing so in the most loving and cruelty-free way possible. This is a big win in my books!

So, we have a cruelty-free beauty product that gives us amazing, harm-free results, all by simply helping our bodies follow through on a process it already completes naturally. Who wouldn’t want that? Unless you love standing in the mirror layering coat after coat of mascara, or you enjoy putting harmful chemicals into your body, I’m thinking improving on your natural beauty might be the way to go.  

The choice is your’s.

But if I were you, I’d chose the natural and more effective option. Every time.