Posted by Sally O'Kelly


For many women, it can sometimes be difficult to find those particular makeup brands that really work the way you want them to. And by that, I mean that work with your natural beauty to enhance and define what you’re working with. You’ve already got all the natural face creams, you've found that all important foundation that is light and allows your pores to breathe, but you’re just missing that one piece to bring it all together. A natural, but powerful serum to help your lashes pop! Enter, vegaLASH a volumizing serum that is not just a lash builder, it wants you to feel as free and beautiful as when you were younger.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Knowing and understanding that you are beautiful both inside and out is a significant step in boosting your confidence. Believing that what you have already been given to work with is good enough without the use of makeup, then considering that a natural serum like vegaLASH works with you to make what you already have popped some more. That extra oomph. If you think about it, wearing lots of heavy makeup that clogs your pores, and hides your natural beauty is only doing just that hiding your natural beauty. It is also slowly going to make you feel like what you have underneath all of that make up is not good enough to enhance, it must be hidden. We both know that’s not true!

Where Do You Begin?

You can start with knowing what it is that you want from the product you’re going to use to improve your lashes. A brand like vegaLASH that works to make women feel empowered is perfect for those who are looking to try out a new natural look and want to feel comfortable in their own skin. Considering a multipurpose eyelash serum like vegaLASH is definitely the first step in the right direction.

An Entirely Different Approach

But what makes this brand so unique? I know…the answer I'm going to give is a little cheesy, with a tad of cringe but love. Their tag line is literally Grow With Love. To me that says it all, no? A company that wants to grow with you; as you embark on your journey to embrace who you are as a person. Accepting that you are naturally beautiful and persuading you so that you should work with this natural beauty rather than hide it. Not only does vegaLASH wants you to feel confident from the inside out, they believe that when lashes are naturally lush, you can experience the most authentic, natural beauty.

vegaLASH is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and hormone-free. Best of all when you use it on your eyelashes you don’t have to worry about skin discolorations, it will not irritate your eyes, and you are aware that there are no adhesives involved that may enter your bloodstream. And, all of this without breaking the bank! Which is always an added bonus.

What Will It Do for Your Eyelashes?

Unlike many other eyelash products, vegaLASH works to produce thicker, fuller and much healthier eyelashes at a faster rate - and don't take my word for it either. That is a fact ladies and gentlemen. The product has been clinically tested and proven to do so. As previously mentioned, vegaLASH wants to work to enhance and enrich your lashes, and that’s exactly what it does.

How many of you can say that after using mascara or eyelash extensions your lashes have turned out for the better? I’m pretty sure it is safe to assume the answer to that is not many. If anything, your eyelashes ended up getting pulled out--due to the mascara being waterproof or the extensions harmful adhesives. Also, your lashes are now thinner, less lively and they no longer look as healthy as they did before.

With vegaLASH, you do not have to worry about any of the above issues arising after you have used their lash serum. Whether you are already comfortable in your own skin, on your journey there, or just considering going the natural way, give vegaLASH a try. It’s definitely the beauty product that is missing from your everyday skincare routine.

Natural beauty is the best kind of beauty, and absolutely everyone has it, why not enhance it and give natural a chance.